Novelty Yarn on a Spinning Wheel

Novelty Yarn on a Spinning Wheel

This class will take you into the fantastical world of novelty spinning.  Spin one of a kind yarn with easy to follow instructions and inspiring samples.



Class Description: Students will leave the class with an understanding of how to spin different varieties of novelty yarn on a spinning wheel and samples of each.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner (Students should be able to spin a continuous yarn on the spinning wheel)

Maximum Class Size: 10

Students to Bring: Wheel, additional drive bands, spinning wheel oil, and medium hand cards if you have them.

Materials Fee: $15.00 (included in the fee are a variety of fibers to spin, handouts and sample cards, with a folder to organize your class samples).

Instructor: Stephanie Flynn Sokolov


Stephanie Flynn Sokolov is a fiber fanatic that loves to spread her contagious enthusiasm for spinning with everyone she meets.  She is experienced in teaching and motivating students of varying abilities.  She has a diverse background including, but not limited to, spinning, weaving, felting, dying, and shoemaking.  You are sure to find inspiration in any class she teaches.


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